Tips for Securing Forklift Equipment Safely for Transportation

2 September 2016
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Forklifts facilitate the movement of loads and materials that would otherwise take an unprecedented amount of time to move manually. However, to ensure their efficiency and to avoid accidents on the job site, it is essential to have safety measures in place when transporting a forklift from the dealer to your site, or from one location to another. Since the equipment is usually towed, securing it properly before transportation is critical to prevent accidents and damage to property. Here are some of the measures that you should observe when placing the equipment on the towing truck or trailer and securing it for transport.

Placing the forklift on the truck

Before attempting to place the forklift on the tow truck or trailer, it is essential to determine its weight and the weight capacity of the trailer. Forklifts come in various sizes and weights, and so do trailers. Using a trailer that does not match up to the weight of the forklift can cause damage to the flatbed and other components of the trailer. Ensure that the trailer or truck you choose can handle the weight of your forklift before towing it.

It is also essential to position the forklift properly on the tow vehicle to avoid weight imbalance during transportation. Ensure that the weight of the forklift is evenly distributed on the trailer before tying it down and securing it.

Securing the forklift

Once the forklift is correctly positioned on the truck, you should fasten it to prevent any movement that could cause it to roll off the tow vehicle during transportation. Go for tie downs made from a sturdy material such as metal to ensure that they don't break easily. The number of tie downs needed will be dependent on the size, shape, and weight of the trailer. As a rule, ensure that the forklift is tied down from various directions, be it forward, rearward, vertical, or lateral. Provide enough tie downs to ensure that it is firmly restrained and that there is no movement.

Transporting the forklift

Care should be exercised when towing a forklift to the job site. Drive at average speed and take extreme caution on sharp bends, steep slopes, and hills. Reckless driving can cause you to lose control of the tow truck and result in an accident, damage to property, or even fatalities on the road. If you are using a driver, ensure that they have the experience in driving tow trucks.

As you transport the forklift, you can occasionally pull over on the side of the road and inspect it to ensure that the tie downs are still in place, as they tend to shift when the vehicle is in motion. Doing so will make sure that the equipment reaches your project site in one piece. For professional assistance with moving your forklift, contact a forklift transport company in your area.