3 Reasons to Choose an Accident Towing Service in Advance

30 December 2019
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While people don't always have details of a towing company to hand when they are in a car accident, it's worth researching local companies and keeping their details in your phone and car just in case. You might never need to use these companies; however, if you do, knowing who to call can be useful. Why? 1. Reduce Stress at the Scene Even minor car accidents can be stressful experiences. You shouldn't underestimate the shock of actually having an accident on the road. Read More 

3 Essential Services to Look Out for in a Professional Emergency Towing Service Provider

2 July 2019
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Breakdowns are unpredictable, and if you are not adequately prepared, then the experience can be traumatising. That is why hiring an emergency towing service provider — as opposed to a conventional one — is essential. It is because an emergency towing service will show up whenever and wherever to help you get out of sticky situations. However, selecting the right firm is a tricky affair since the market is full of emergency towing providers. Read More 

Roadside Emergencies: How to Use Road Flares Correctly

27 October 2016
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Getting stuck by the side of the road at night due to a car breakdown or lack of gas can be a frustrating and scary situation for vehicle drivers. During the day, it is easy to keep calm as you wait for your towing company to provide assistance. However, at night, one is left vulnerable to car thieves or having their vehicle knocked by oncoming traffic. One of the best ways to protect your vehicle during a roadside emergency at night is by using road flares. Read More 

Safety In the Outback

7 October 2016
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Whenever you are taking a long distance journey through the wilderness, it never hurts to be well prepared just in case you break down and need some roadside assistance. With Australia's large expanses of open desert and dangerous terrain, there are a few essentials that should always be stocked up in the boot of your car to ensure the safety of your party should you find yourself facing difficult situations. This simple guide will give you an overview of a selection of potentially life-saving items that can help you signal for help and make it home in one piece. Read More 

Safety Measures to Observe When Waiting for Roadside Assistance

14 September 2016
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Getting stuck on the side of the road is a common occurrence, even to the most prepared drivers. Your car may simply have run out of gas, had a flat tire with no spare, or incurred a mechanical problem that caused it to break down and stop. Whichever reason it is that causes you to pull over to the side of the road, it is important to have a towing company that you can call for assistance during such a time. Read More