When Should You Contact An Emergency Tow Truck Service?

7 August 2023
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Being stranded on the side of the road due to a vehicle breakdown can be an unnerving experience. In such situations, an emergency tow truck service can be your saving grace. But how do you know when it's time to make that call? Here are some circumstances where reaching out to a professional towing service is essential. Vehicle Breakdown If your vehicle breaks down and you're unable to identify or fix the problem, it's time to call a tow truck. Read More 

Four Ways Emergency Towing Services Can Help You After An Accident

28 June 2022
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If you've been in an accident, you might be feeling overwhelmed. It's normal to feel a bit stressed and confused after a crash, and it can be difficult to know what to do next. You'll likely want to get your car towed and checked out by a mechanic immediately after the collision, but it's also important that you take care of yourself first. Here are four ways emergency towing services can help you after an accident: Read More 

Essential Accessories for Improving a Tow Truck’s Productivity

6 August 2021
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If you recently started a towing business, you are on your way to securing a slice of the $472.2 million Australian market. However, you must gain a competitive edge to succeed in the segment, meaning that your tow trucks must be up to the task. Notably, equipping your tow trucks with the right accessories enhances the capacity to handle different towing gigs. This article highlights essential accessories for enhancing a tow truck's productivity. Read More 

Diagnose Your Horse Float and Make Sure It Is Not a Ticking Time Bomb

8 February 2021
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Put a couple of animals inside your horse float, and you have lots of unstable weight to tow with your truck. The challenge here is that you are not pulling dead weight. You have a bunch of big animals moving inside the horse float as you cruise down the highway. Indeed, due care is necessary to ensure safety when moving, leading to the next question. When was the last time you had a thorough safety and mechanical audit on your horse float? Read More 

Easy Tips to Save Money on Towing Services

26 June 2020
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The cost of towing services varies from one company to the next and depends on the type of tow truck used, the size of the vehicle to be towed, the distance to be covered and other factors. It is, of course, always money that is well spent, especially if you are dealing with professionals. With some tips and tricks, you can look forward to spending less the next time you require towing services. Read More