Essential Accessories for Improving a Tow Truck's Productivity

6 August 2021
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If you recently started a towing business, you are on your way to securing a slice of the $472.2 million Australian market. However, you must gain a competitive edge to succeed in the segment, meaning that your tow trucks must be up to the task. Notably, equipping your tow trucks with the right accessories enhances the capacity to handle different towing gigs. This article highlights essential accessories for enhancing a tow truck's productivity.

Rear Camera 

Backing up a loaded tow truck is not easy, especially in tight spaces where drivers must constantly use the rearview and side mirrors. Since tow truck operators work long shifts, constant turning and leaning take a toll on their bodies. Over time, drivers develop repetitive strain injury, significantly reducing their productivity. Equipping all your tow trucks with a rearview camera reduces the need for mirrors since drivers focus on the dashboard screen. Therefore, a rear camera eliminates stress on the back and neck muscles, nerves and tendons, ensuring that drivers are productive throughout their shifts. Additionally, rearview cameras reduce the chances of accidents caused by blind spots when reversing. 

Tyre Skates 

Often, tow truck operators have a hazy idea of terrain conditions when dispatched to a certain location. Sometimes, a client's car might get stuck in snow or mud, making it difficult to tow. Although tow trucks are 4WD-enabled, drivers can do very little if the wheels of a client's car keep spinning on the spot. Some tow truck operators get creative and place waste wood underneath car tyres for better traction. Unfortunately, the setup wastes precious time and affects productivity. Buying tyre skates makes towing effortless regardless of the terrain. Notably, tyre skates give extra traction and grip to the wheels of the car to be towed, saving an operator time that they can use to tow more vehicles. 

Tow Light Bars 

Typically, tow trucks come equipped with headlights, fog lights and floodlights. However, the lights are of little help when preparing to tow a vehicle on a snowy or rainy night with low visibility. Moreover, your tow trucks need to make other motorists aware of their presence on the road under such terrible conditions. Tow light bars and strobes make your tow trucks visible regardless of how dark it is on the road. Most importantly, the lights give your tow truck operators confidence, which helps prevent accidents. Besides, light bars allow staff to secure vehicles on tow trucks properly.