Safety Measures to Observe When Waiting for Roadside Assistance

14 September 2016
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Getting stuck on the side of the road is a common occurrence, even to the most prepared drivers. Your car may simply have run out of gas, had a flat tire with no spare, or incurred a mechanical problem that caused it to break down and stop. Whichever reason it is that causes you to pull over to the side of the road, it is important to have a towing company that you can call for assistance during such a time. However, unless you got stuck near the company's premises, you are likely to wait for a few minutes or even an hour for the service to arrive. During this period, it is essential to observe the following tips to make sure that you remain safe as you wait for assistance.

Don't attempt repair

The primary reason why most drivers find themselves on the side of the road is due to a problem that they are unable to identify or lack the proper tools to fix. However, many drivers are usually tempted to try and determine the problem as they wait for help to arrive. Trying to get underneath your car or open up the engine with no idea of what to look for can be quite risky. The mere idea of opening up components of your vehicle by the roadside with oncoming traffic can expose you to grave danger. Once you have contacted a towing company, relax and wait for them to offer the necessary assistance once they arrive.

Make your presence known

Being stuck on the side of the road during the night can be quite risky. Unknowing drivers can easily bump into your car and cause damage or even injure you and other passengers. To avoid this, you should make your presence known to other motorists. Turn on the vehicle's flashers to indicate an emergency. If you have flares or glow sticks, set them up near your vehicle so that other motorists can see them and slow down or observe caution when driving by.

Wait inside the car

Unless your car engine has overheated or is smoking, or you have locked yourself out of the vehicle, it is safer to wait for help inside your vehicle. This is particularly necessary if you are stuck at night, during the rains or a storm, or in a deserted and unsafe location. Keep the car's doors locked as well. Pacing around your car can draw attention from other people, especially burglars who can take advantage of such a situation to rob you during the night.

Observe these safety measures as you wait for your tow truck to offer roadside assistance.