Roadside Emergencies: How to Use Road Flares Correctly

27 October 2016
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Getting stuck by the side of the road at night due to a car breakdown or lack of gas can be a frustrating and scary situation for vehicle drivers. During the day, it is easy to keep calm as you wait for your towing company to provide assistance. However, at night, one is left vulnerable to car thieves or having their vehicle knocked by oncoming traffic. One of the best ways to protect your vehicle during a roadside emergency at night is by using road flares. They notify other motorists of your presence and help you maintain a safe perimeter around your car. Here are some steps on how to use flares correctly as you wait for your vehicle to be towed.

Choose the right flares

Several types of flares are available on the market for use by motorists. As you go shopping, choose the kind that will stand out and make it easy for other motorists and the tow driver to spot you. Red-color flares are usually recommended as they stand out better than other colors and are commonly used for emergencies. Purchase several flares and always keep them in your trunk for emergencies.

Select an ideal location

Choose a suitable location for the flares such that they can be easily seen without posing any risks to other motorists or the surroundings. As such, ensure that you don't place them on vegetation or grass as they can cause a fire. The best location would be on a level, paved surface near the vehicle. Place the flares a few feet in front, on the side, and at the back of the vehicle. Note that you should always choose a location before lighting the flares so that you don't end up wandering around with lit ones as you choose an ideal spot.

Light and place them correctly

Road flares come with a lid that covers the ignition surface and is used to light it. Twist this lid gently and hold onto it as it will be used as the match. Hold the flare in the middle avoiding the ignition surface and run it against the rough side of the cap to light it. Once it's lit, place the cap on the opposite end of the flare and place it on the chosen spot. Ensure that you hold it away from your body and hair. You can hold it facing downward to protect yourself. Also, place the flare gently on the ground so that you don't end up breaking it. Do this for all the other flares and place them around the vehicle.

Once the flares are in place, get in your car and wait patiently for the towing truck. Make sure you have a 24-hour company on call so that you don't get stranded by the roadside at night with no one to turn to.